Enum rustc_expand::expand::AstFragment[][src]

pub enum AstFragment {
Show 16 variants OptExpr(Option<P<Expr>>), Expr(P<Expr>), Pat(P<Pat>), Ty(P<Ty>), Stmts(SmallVec<[Stmt; 1]>), Items(SmallVec<[P<Item>; 1]>), TraitItems(SmallVec<[P<AssocItem>; 1]>), ImplItems(SmallVec<[P<AssocItem>; 1]>), ForeignItems(SmallVec<[P<ForeignItem>; 1]>), Arms(SmallVec<[Arm; 1]>), Fields(SmallVec<[ExprField; 1]>), FieldPats(SmallVec<[PatField; 1]>), GenericParams(SmallVec<[GenericParam; 1]>), Params(SmallVec<[Param; 1]>), StructFields(SmallVec<[FieldDef; 1]>), Variants(SmallVec<[Variant; 1]>),
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A fragment of AST that can be produced by a single macro expansion. Can also serve as an input and intermediate result for macro expansion operations.



Tuple Fields of OptExpr

0: Option<P<Expr>>

Tuple Fields of Expr

0: P<Expr>

Tuple Fields of Pat

0: P<Pat>

Tuple Fields of Ty

0: P<Ty>
Stmts(SmallVec<[Stmt; 1]>)

Tuple Fields of Stmts

0: SmallVec<[Stmt; 1]>
Items(SmallVec<[P<Item>; 1]>)

Tuple Fields of Items

0: SmallVec<[P<Item>; 1]>
TraitItems(SmallVec<[P<AssocItem>; 1]>)

Tuple Fields of TraitItems

0: SmallVec<[P<AssocItem>; 1]>
ImplItems(SmallVec<[P<AssocItem>; 1]>)

Tuple Fields of ImplItems

0: SmallVec<[P<AssocItem>; 1]>
ForeignItems(SmallVec<[P<ForeignItem>; 1]>)

Tuple Fields of ForeignItems

0: SmallVec<[P<ForeignItem>; 1]>
Arms(SmallVec<[Arm; 1]>)

Tuple Fields of Arms

0: SmallVec<[Arm; 1]>
Fields(SmallVec<[ExprField; 1]>)

Tuple Fields of Fields

0: SmallVec<[ExprField; 1]>
FieldPats(SmallVec<[PatField; 1]>)

Tuple Fields of FieldPats

0: SmallVec<[PatField; 1]>
GenericParams(SmallVec<[GenericParam; 1]>)

Tuple Fields of GenericParams

0: SmallVec<[GenericParam; 1]>
Params(SmallVec<[Param; 1]>)

Tuple Fields of Params

0: SmallVec<[Param; 1]>
StructFields(SmallVec<[FieldDef; 1]>)

Tuple Fields of StructFields

0: SmallVec<[FieldDef; 1]>
Variants(SmallVec<[Variant; 1]>)

Tuple Fields of Variants

0: SmallVec<[Variant; 1]>


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The type returned in the event of a conversion error.

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Note: Most layout information is completely unstable and may be different between compiler versions and platforms. The only exception is types with certain repr(...) attributes. Please see the Rust Reference’s “Type Layout” chapter for details on type layout guarantees.

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