1.0.0[][src]Struct std::io::Sink

pub struct Sink { /* fields omitted */ }

A writer which will move data into the void.

This struct is generally created by calling sink. Please see the documentation of sink() for more details.

Trait Implementations

impl Write for Sink[src]

fn write_all(&mut self, buf: &[u8]) -> Result<()>[src]

Attempts to write an entire buffer into this writer. Read more

fn write_fmt(&mut self, fmt: Arguments) -> Result<()>[src]

Writes a formatted string into this writer, returning any error encountered. Read more

Important traits for &'_ mut I
fn by_ref(&mut self) -> &mut Self where
    Self: Sized

Creates a "by reference" adaptor for this instance of Write. Read more

impl Debug for Sink1.16.0[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl UnwindSafe for Sink

impl RefUnwindSafe for Sink

impl Unpin for Sink

impl Sync for Sink

impl Send for Sink

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