Rust doesn't have "inheritance", but you can define a trait as being a superset of another trait. For example:

trait Person {
    fn name(&self) -> String;

// Person is a supertrait of Student.
// Implementing Student requires you to also impl Person.
trait Student: Person {
    fn university(&self) -> String;

trait Programmer {
    fn fav_language(&self) -> String;

// CompSciStudent (computer science student) is a subtrait of both Programmer 
// and Student. Implementing CompSciStudent requires you to impl both supertraits.
trait CompSciStudent: Programmer + Student {
    fn git_username(&self) -> String;

fn comp_sci_student_greeting(student: &dyn CompSciStudent) -> String {
        "My name is {} and I attend {}. My favorite language is {}. My Git username is {}",,,

fn main() {}

See also:

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