The Rust Playground is a way to experiment with Rust code through a web interface.

Using it with mdbook

In mdbook, you can make code examples playable and editable.

fn main() {
    println!("Hello World!");

This allows the reader to both run your code sample, but also modify and tweak it. The key here is the adding of the word editable to your codefence block separated by a comma.

// your code here

Additionally, you can add ignore if you want mdbook to skip your code when it builds and tests.

// your code here

Using it with docs

You may have noticed in some of the official Rust docs a button that says "Run", which opens the code sample up in a new tab in Rust Playground. This feature is enabled if you use the #[doc] attribute called html_playground_url.

#![doc(html_playground_url = "")]
//! ```
//! println!("Hello World");
//! ```

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