Hello World

This is the source code of the traditional Hello World program.

// This is a comment, and is ignored by the compiler.
// You can test this code by clicking the "Run" button over there ->
// or if you prefer to use your keyboard, you can use the "Ctrl + Enter"
// shortcut.

// This code is editable, feel free to hack it!
// You can always return to the original code by clicking the "Reset" button ->

// This is the main function.
fn main() {
    // Statements here are executed when the compiled binary is called.

    // Print text to the console.
    println!("Hello World!");

println! is a macro that prints text to the console.

A binary can be generated using the Rust compiler: rustc.

$ rustc hello.rs

rustc will produce a hello binary that can be executed.

$ ./hello
Hello World!


Click 'Run' above to see the expected output. Next, add a new line with a second println! macro so that the output shows:

Hello World!
I'm a Rustacean!