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The “main crate” of the Rust compiler. This crate contains common type definitions that are used by the other crates in the rustc “family”. Some prominent examples (note that each of these modules has their own README with further details).

  • HIR. The “high-level (H) intermediate representation (IR)” is defined in the hir module.
  • MIR. The “mid-level (M) intermediate representation (IR)” is defined in the mir module. This module contains only the definition of the MIR; the passes that transform and operate on MIR are found in rustc_const_eval crate.
  • Types. The internal representation of types used in rustc is defined in the ty module. This includes the type context (or tcx), which is the central context during most of compilation, containing the interners and other things.

For more information about how rustc works, see the rustc dev guide.


This API is completely unstable and subject to change.




  • Raw content of Fluent resource for this crate, generated by fluent_messages macro, imported by rustc_driver to include all crates’ resources in one bundle.