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The Rust Abstract Syntax Tree (AST).


This API is completely unstable and subject to change.



  • The Rust abstract syntax tree module.
  • A set of traits implemented for various AST nodes, typically those used in AST fragments during macro expansion. The traits are not implemented exhaustively, only when actually necessary.
  • Functions dealing with attributes and meta items.
  • Definitions shared by macros / syntax extensions and e.g. rustc_middle.
  • A MutVisitor represents an AST modification; it accepts an AST piece and mutates it in place. So, for instance, macro expansion is a MutVisitor that walks over an AST and modifies it.
  • The AST pointer.
  • Token Streams
  • AST walker. Each overridden visit method has full control over what happens with its node, it can do its own traversal of the node’s children, call visit::walk_* to apply the default traversal algorithm, or prevent deeper traversal by doing nothing.


  • Requirements for a StableHashingContext to be used in this crate. This is a hack to allow using the HashStable_Generic derive macro instead of implementing everything in rustc_middle.