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This module implements RFC 1946: Intra-rustdoc-links


early 🔒


The link failed to resolve. resolution_failure should look to see if there’s a more helpful error that can be given.


Disambiguators for a link.
Res 🔒
Suggestion 🔒
A suggestion to show in a diagnostic.



Report an ambiguity error, where there were multiple possible resolutions.
Report an anchor failure.
Report an error in the link disambiguator.
full_res 🔒
Check for resolve collisions between a trait and its derive.
Report a link from a public item to a private one.
Get the section of a link between the backticks, or the whole link if there aren’t any backticks.
Reports a diagnostic for an intra-doc link.
Reports a link that failed to resolve.
Look to see if a resolved item has an associated item named item_name.
Resolve a primitive type or value.
Returns true if we should ignore path_str due to it being unlikely that it is an intra-doc link.
Returns true if we should ignore link due to it being unlikely that it is an intra-doc link. link should still have disambiguators if there were any.
In case of an ambiguity or mismatched disambiguator, suggest the correct disambiguator.
Find the associated item in the impl impl_id that corresponds to the trait associated item trait_assoc_id.
Given a type, return all trait impls in scope in module for that type. Returns a set of pairs of (impl_id, trait_id).

Type Definitions

ResolveRes 🔒