[][src]Struct rustc_errors::emitter::Margin

pub(in emitter) struct Margin {
    pub whitespace_left: usize,
    pub span_left: usize,
    pub span_right: usize,
    pub computed_left: usize,
    pub computed_right: usize,
    pub column_width: usize,
    pub label_right: usize,


whitespace_left: usize

The available whitespace in the left that can be consumed when centering.

span_left: usize

The column of the beginning of left-most span.

span_right: usize

The column of the end of right-most span.

computed_left: usize

The beginning of the line to be displayed.

computed_right: usize

The end of the line to be displayed.

column_width: usize

The current width of the terminal. Uses value of DEFAULT_COLUMN_WIDTH constant by default and in tests.

label_right: usize

The end column of a span label, including the span. Doesn't account for labels not in the same line as the span.


impl Margin[src]

pub(in emitter) fn new(
    whitespace_left: usize,
    span_left: usize,
    span_right: usize,
    label_right: usize,
    column_width: usize,
    max_line_len: usize
) -> Self

pub(in emitter) fn was_cut_left(
) -> bool

pub(in emitter) fn was_cut_right(
    line_len: usize
) -> bool

pub(in emitter) fn compute(
    &mut self,
    max_line_len: usize

pub(in emitter) fn left(
    line_len: usize
) -> usize

pub(in emitter) fn right(
    line_len: usize
) -> usize

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Margin[src]

impl Copy for Margin[src]

impl Debug for Margin[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Margin

impl Send for Margin

impl Sync for Margin

impl Unpin for Margin

impl UnwindSafe for Margin

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