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AST walker. Each overridden visit method has full control over what happens with its node, it can do its own traversal of the node’s children, call visit::walk_* to apply the default traversal algorithm, or prevent deeper traversal by doing nothing.

Note: it is an important invariant that the default visitor walks the body of a function in “execution order” (more concretely, reverse post-order with respect to the CFG implied by the AST), meaning that if AST node A may execute before AST node B, then A is visited first. The borrow checker in particular relies on this property.

Note: walking an AST before macro expansion is probably a bad idea. For instance, a walker looking for item names in a module will miss all of those that are created by the expansion of a macro.




  • Each method of the Visitor trait is a hook to be potentially overridden. Each method’s default implementation recursively visits the substructure of the input via the corresponding walk method; e.g., the visit_item method by default calls visit::walk_item.
  • Similar to the Try trait, but also implemented for ().