Trait core::ops::Index1.0.0[][src]

pub trait Index<Idx: ?Sized> {
    type Output: ?Sized;
    fn index(&self, index: Idx) -> &Self::Output;

Used for indexing operations (container[index]) in immutable contexts.

container[index] is actually syntactic sugar for *container.index(index), but only when used as an immutable value. If a mutable value is requested, IndexMut is used instead. This allows nice things such as let value = v[index] if the type of value implements Copy.


The following example implements Index on a read-only NucleotideCount container, enabling individual counts to be retrieved with index syntax.

use std::ops::Index;

enum Nucleotide {

struct NucleotideCount {
    a: usize,
    c: usize,
    g: usize,
    t: usize,

impl Index<Nucleotide> for NucleotideCount {
    type Output = usize;

    fn index(&self, nucleotide: Nucleotide) -> &Self::Output {
        match nucleotide {
            Nucleotide::A => &self.a,
            Nucleotide::C => &self.c,
            Nucleotide::G => &self.g,
            Nucleotide::T => &self.t,

let nucleotide_count = NucleotideCount {a: 14, c: 9, g: 10, t: 12};
assert_eq!(nucleotide_count[Nucleotide::A], 14);
assert_eq!(nucleotide_count[Nucleotide::C], 9);
assert_eq!(nucleotide_count[Nucleotide::G], 10);
assert_eq!(nucleotide_count[Nucleotide::T], 12);

Associated Types

type Output: ?Sized[src]

The returned type after indexing.

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Required methods

fn index(&self, index: Idx) -> &Self::Output[src]

Performs the indexing (container[index]) operation.


May panic if the index is out of bounds.

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impl<I> Index<I> for str where
    I: SliceIndex<str>, 

type Output = I::Output

impl<T, I> Index<I> for [T] where
    I: SliceIndex<[T]>, 

type Output = I::Output

impl<T, I, const N: usize> Index<I> for [T; N] where
    [T]: Index<I>, 

type Output = <[T] as Index<I>>::Output

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