Trait core::ops::AddAssign1.8.0[][src]

pub trait AddAssign<Rhs = Self> {
    fn add_assign(&mut self, rhs: Rhs);

The addition assignment operator +=.


This example creates a Point struct that implements the AddAssign trait, and then demonstrates add-assigning to a mutable Point.

use std::ops::AddAssign;

#[derive(Debug, Copy, Clone, PartialEq)]
struct Point {
    x: i32,
    y: i32,

impl AddAssign for Point {
    fn add_assign(&mut self, other: Self) {
        *self = Self {
            x: self.x + other.x,
            y: self.y + other.y,

let mut point = Point { x: 1, y: 0 };
point += Point { x: 2, y: 3 };
assert_eq!(point, Point { x: 3, y: 3 });

Required methods

fn add_assign(&mut self, rhs: Rhs)[src]

Performs the += operation.


let mut x: u32 = 12;
x += 1;
assert_eq!(x, 13);
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impl AddAssign<&'_ Wrapping<i8>> for Wrapping<i8>1.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ Wrapping<i16>> for Wrapping<i16>1.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ Wrapping<i32>> for Wrapping<i32>1.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ Wrapping<i64>> for Wrapping<i64>1.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ Wrapping<i128>> for Wrapping<i128>1.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ Wrapping<isize>> for Wrapping<isize>1.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ Wrapping<u8>> for Wrapping<u8>1.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ Wrapping<u16>> for Wrapping<u16>1.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ Wrapping<u32>> for Wrapping<u32>1.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ Wrapping<u64>> for Wrapping<u64>1.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ Wrapping<u128>> for Wrapping<u128>1.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ Wrapping<usize>> for Wrapping<usize>1.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ f32> for f321.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ f64> for f641.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ i8> for i81.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ i16> for i161.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ i32> for i321.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ i64> for i641.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ i128> for i1281.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ isize> for isize1.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ u8> for u81.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ u16> for u161.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ u32> for u321.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ u64> for u641.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ u128> for u1281.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<&'_ usize> for usize1.22.0[src]

impl AddAssign<Wrapping<i8>> for Wrapping<i8>[src]

impl AddAssign<Wrapping<i16>> for Wrapping<i16>[src]

impl AddAssign<Wrapping<i32>> for Wrapping<i32>[src]

impl AddAssign<Wrapping<i64>> for Wrapping<i64>[src]

impl AddAssign<Wrapping<i128>> for Wrapping<i128>[src]

impl AddAssign<Wrapping<isize>> for Wrapping<isize>[src]

impl AddAssign<Wrapping<u8>> for Wrapping<u8>[src]

impl AddAssign<Wrapping<u16>> for Wrapping<u16>[src]

impl AddAssign<Wrapping<u32>> for Wrapping<u32>[src]

impl AddAssign<Wrapping<u64>> for Wrapping<u64>[src]

impl AddAssign<Wrapping<u128>> for Wrapping<u128>[src]

impl AddAssign<Wrapping<usize>> for Wrapping<usize>[src]

impl AddAssign<Duration> for Duration1.9.0[src]

impl AddAssign<f32> for f32[src]

impl AddAssign<f64> for f64[src]

impl AddAssign<i8> for i8[src]

impl AddAssign<i16> for i16[src]

impl AddAssign<i32> for i32[src]

impl AddAssign<i64> for i64[src]

impl AddAssign<i128> for i128[src]

impl AddAssign<isize> for isize[src]

impl AddAssign<u8> for u8[src]

impl AddAssign<u16> for u16[src]

impl AddAssign<u32> for u32[src]

impl AddAssign<u64> for u64[src]

impl AddAssign<u128> for u128[src]

impl AddAssign<usize> for usize[src]

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