Module core::future

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Asynchronous basic functionality.

Please see the fundamental async and await keywords and the async book for more information on asynchronous programming in Rust.


  • joinExperimental
    Polls multiple futures simultaneously, returning a tuple of all results once complete.



  • A future represents an asynchronous computation obtained by use of async.
  • Conversion into a Future.
  • AsyncDropExperimental
    Custom code within the asynchronous destructor.


  • Creates a future which never resolves, representing a computation that never finishes.
  • Creates a future that wraps a function returning Poll.
  • Creates a future that is immediately ready with a value.
  • async_dropExperimental
    Asynchronously drops a value by running AsyncDrop::async_drop on a value and its fields recursively.
  • async_drop_in_placeExperimental
    Creates the asynchronous destructor of the pointed-to value.