Trait rustc_metadata::rmeta::table::FixedSizeEncoding[][src]

pub(super) trait FixedSizeEncoding: Default {
    const BYTE_LEN: usize;

    fn from_bytes(b: &[u8]) -> Self;
fn write_to_bytes(self, b: &mut [u8]);
fn maybe_read_from_bytes_at(b: &[u8], i: usize) -> Option<Self>;
fn write_to_bytes_at(self, b: &mut [u8], i: usize); }
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Helper trait, for encoding to, and decoding from, a fixed number of bytes. Used mainly for Lazy positions and lengths. Unchecked invariant: Self::default() should encode as [0; BYTE_LEN], but this has no impact on safety.

Associated Constants

Required methods

Read a Self value (encoded as Self::BYTE_LEN bytes), from &b[i * Self::BYTE_LEN..], returning None if i is not in bounds, or Some(Self::from_bytes(...)) otherwise.

Write a Self value (encoded as Self::BYTE_LEN bytes), at &mut b[i * Self::BYTE_LEN..], using Self::write_to_bytes.

Implementations on Foreign Types