Module rustc_metadata::rmeta

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  • Define LazyTables and TableBuilders at the same time.


  • CrateDep 🔒
  • Serialized crate metadata.
  • CrateRoot 🔒
    Serialized .rmeta data for a crate.
  • LazyArray 🔒
    A list of lazily-decoded values.
  • LazyTable 🔒
    A list of lazily-decoded values, with the added capability of random access.
  • LazyTables 🔒
  • LazyValue 🔒
    A value of type T referred to by its absolute position in the metadata, and which can be decoded lazily.
  • RawDefId 🔒
    On-disk representation of DefId. This creates a type-safe way to enforce that we remap the CrateNum between the on-disk representation and the compilation session.
  • SpanTag 🔒
    A span tag byte encodes a bunch of data, so that we can cut out a few extra bytes from span encodings (which are very common, for example, libcore has ~650,000 unique spans and over 1.1 million references to prior-written spans).
  • TraitImpls 🔒


  • LazyState 🔒
    Encoding / decoding state for Lazys (LazyValue, LazyArray, and LazyTable).
  • SpanKind 🔒



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