Trait rustc_codegen_ssa::back::linker::Linker[][src]

pub trait Linker {
Show 33 methods fn cmd(&mut self) -> &mut Command;
fn set_output_kind(
        &mut self,
        output_kind: LinkOutputKind,
        out_filename: &Path
fn link_dylib(&mut self, lib: Symbol, verbatim: bool, as_needed: bool);
fn link_rust_dylib(&mut self, lib: Symbol, path: &Path);
fn link_framework(&mut self, framework: Symbol, as_needed: bool);
fn link_staticlib(&mut self, lib: Symbol, verbatim: bool);
fn link_rlib(&mut self, lib: &Path);
fn link_whole_rlib(&mut self, lib: &Path);
fn link_whole_staticlib(
        &mut self,
        lib: Symbol,
        verbatim: bool,
        search_path: &[PathBuf]
fn include_path(&mut self, path: &Path);
fn framework_path(&mut self, path: &Path);
fn output_filename(&mut self, path: &Path);
fn add_object(&mut self, path: &Path);
fn gc_sections(&mut self, keep_metadata: bool);
fn no_gc_sections(&mut self);
fn full_relro(&mut self);
fn partial_relro(&mut self);
fn no_relro(&mut self);
fn optimize(&mut self);
fn pgo_gen(&mut self);
fn control_flow_guard(&mut self);
fn debuginfo(&mut self, strip: Strip);
fn no_crt_objects(&mut self);
fn no_default_libraries(&mut self);
fn export_symbols(
        &mut self,
        tmpdir: &Path,
        crate_type: CrateType,
        symbols: &[String]
fn subsystem(&mut self, subsystem: &str);
fn group_start(&mut self);
fn group_end(&mut self);
fn linker_plugin_lto(&mut self); fn add_eh_frame_header(&mut self) { ... }
fn add_no_exec(&mut self) { ... }
fn add_as_needed(&mut self) { ... }
fn reset_per_library_state(&mut self) { ... }
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Linker abstraction used by back::link to build up the command to invoke a linker.

This trait is the total list of requirements needed by back::link and represents the meaning of each option being passed down. This trait is then used to dispatch on whether a GNU-like linker (generally ld.exe) or an MSVC linker (e.g., link.exe) is being used.

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