Module rustc_codegen_ssa::back::linker

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  • Linker abstraction used by back::link to build up the command to invoke a linker.


  • cc_args πŸ”’
    Arguments for the cc wrapper specifically. Check that it’s indeed a cc wrapper and pass verbatim.
  • Disables non-English messages from localized linkers. Such messages may cause issues with text encoding on Windows (#35785) and prevent inspection of linker output in case of errors, which we occasionally do. This should be acceptable because other messages from rustc are in English anyway, and may also be desirable to improve searchability of the linker diagnostics.
  • exported_symbols πŸ”’
  • The third parameter is for env vars, used on windows to set up the path for MSVC to find its DLLs, and gcc to find its bundled toolchain
  • link_args πŸ”’
    Arguments for the underlying linker. Add options to pass them through cc wrapper if Linker is a cc wrapper.
  • link_or_cc_args πŸ”’
    Arguments supported by both underlying linker and cc wrapper, pass verbatim.
  • linked_symbols πŸ”’
  • verbatim_args πŸ”’
    Just pass the arguments to the linker as is. It is assumed that they are correctly prepared in advance.