pub(crate) trait ResolverAstLoweringExt {
    fn legacy_const_generic_args(&self, expr: &Expr) -> Option<Vec<usize>>;
    fn get_partial_res(&self, id: NodeId) -> Option<PartialRes>;
    fn get_import_res(&self, id: NodeId) -> PerNS<Option<Res<NodeId>>>;
    fn get_label_res(&self, id: NodeId) -> Option<NodeId>;
    fn get_lifetime_res(&self, id: NodeId) -> Option<LifetimeRes>;
    fn take_extra_lifetime_params(
        &mut self,
        id: NodeId
    ) -> Vec<(Ident, NodeId, LifetimeRes)>; fn decl_macro_kind(&self, def_id: LocalDefId) -> MacroKind; fn record_def_id_remap(&mut self, from: LocalDefId, to: LocalDefId); fn get_remapped_def_id(&self, local_def_id: LocalDefId) -> LocalDefId; }

Required Methods

Record the map from from local def id to to local def id, on generics_def_id_map field.

Get the previously recorded to local def id given the from local def id, obtained using generics_def_id_map field.

Implementations on Foreign Types

Obtains resolution for a NodeId with a single resolution.

Obtains per-namespace resolutions for use statement with the given NodeId.

Obtains resolution for a label with the given NodeId.

Obtains resolution for a lifetime with the given NodeId.

Obtain the list of lifetimes parameters to add to an item.

Extra lifetime parameters should only be added in places that can appear as a binder in LifetimeRes.

The extra lifetimes that appear from the parenthesized Fn-trait desugaring should appear at the enclosing PolyTraitRef.

Push a remapping into the top-most map. Panics if no map has been pushed. Remapping is used when creating lowering -> impl Trait return types to create the resulting opaque type.