1.27.0[][src]Function core::arch::x86_64::_mm_shuffle_epi8

pub unsafe fn _mm_shuffle_epi8(a: __m128i, b: __m128i) -> __m128i
This is supported on x86-64 and target feature ssse3 only.

Shuffles bytes from a according to the content of b.

The last 4 bits of each byte of b are used as addresses into the 16 bytes of a.

In addition, if the highest significant bit of a byte of b is set, the respective destination byte is set to 0.

Picturing a and b as [u8; 16], _mm_shuffle_epi8 is logically equivalent to:

fn mm_shuffle_epi8(a: [u8; 16], b: [u8; 16]) -> [u8; 16] {
    let mut r = [0u8; 16];
    for i in 0..16 {
        // if the most significant bit of b is set,
        // then the destination byte is set to 0.
        if b[i] & 0x80 == 0u8 {
            r[i] = a[(b[i] % 16) as usize];

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