Function std::alloc::alloc_zeroed

1.28.0 · source ·
pub unsafe fn alloc_zeroed(layout: Layout) -> *mut u8
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Allocate zero-initialized memory with the global allocator.

This function forwards calls to the GlobalAlloc::alloc_zeroed method of the allocator registered with the #[global_allocator] attribute if there is one, or the std crate’s default.

This function is expected to be deprecated in favor of the alloc_zeroed method of the Global type when it and the Allocator trait become stable.


See GlobalAlloc::alloc_zeroed.


use std::alloc::{alloc_zeroed, dealloc, Layout};

unsafe {
    let layout = Layout::new::<u16>();
    let ptr = alloc_zeroed(layout);

    assert_eq!(*(ptr as *mut u16), 0);

    dealloc(ptr, layout);