Function std::alloc::set_alloc_error_hook

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pub fn set_alloc_error_hook(hook: fn(_: Layout))
🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (alloc_error_hook #51245)
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Registers a custom allocation error hook, replacing any that was previously registered.

The allocation error hook is invoked when an infallible memory allocation fails — that is, as a consequence of calling handle_alloc_error — before the runtime aborts.

The allocation error hook is a global resource. take_alloc_error_hook may be used to retrieve a previously registered hook and wrap or discard it.

§What the provided hook function should expect

The hook function is provided with a Layout struct which contains information about the allocation that failed.

The hook function may choose to panic or abort; in the event that it returns normally, this will cause an immediate abort.

Since take_alloc_error_hook is a safe function that allows retrieving the hook, the hook function must be sound to call even if no memory allocations were attempted.

§The default hook

The default hook, used if set_alloc_error_hook is never called, prints a message to standard error (and then returns, causing the runtime to abort the process). Compiler options may cause it to panic instead, and the default behavior may be changed to panicking in future versions of Rust.



use std::alloc::{Layout, set_alloc_error_hook};

fn custom_alloc_error_hook(layout: Layout) {
   panic!("memory allocation of {} bytes failed", layout.size());