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pub use self::Level::*;


Some lints that are built in to the compiler.


Declares a static item of type &'static Lint.
Declares a type named $name which implements LintPass. To the right of => a comma separated list of Lint statics is given.
Implements LintPass for $ty with the given list of Lint statics.
Declares a static LintArray and return it as an expression.


Lints that are buffered up early on in the Session before the LintLevels is calculated.
Extra information for a future incompatibility lint.
Specification of a single lint.
Identifies a lint known to the compiler.


Indicates the confidence in the correctness of a suggestion.
The reason for future incompatibility
Setting for how to handle a lint.
Each lint expectation has a LintExpectationId assigned by the LintLevelsBuilder. Expected Diagnostics get the lint level Expect which stores the LintExpectationId to match it with the actual expectation later on.


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