The team

Everyone who contributes to Clippy makes the project what it is. Collaboration and discussions are the lifeblood of every open-source project. Clippy has a very flat hierarchy. The teams mainly have additional access rights to the repo.

This document outlines the onboarding process, as well as duties, and access rights for members of a group.

All regular events mentioned in this chapter are tracked in the calendar repository. The calendar file is also available for download: clippy.ics


Everyone, including you, is welcome to join discussions and contribute in other ways, like PRs.

You also have some triage rights, using @rustbot to add labels and claim issues. See labeling with @rustbot.

A rule for everyone should be to keep a healthy work-life balance. Take a break when you need one.


This is a group of regular contributors to Clippy to help with triaging.


This team exists to make contributing easier for regular members. It doesn't carry any duties that need to be done. However, we want to encourage members of this group to help with triaging, which can include:

  1. Labeling issues

    For the good-first-issue label, it can still be good to use @rustbot to subscribe to the issue and help interested parties, if they post questions in the comments.

  2. Closing duplicate or resolved issues

    When you manually close an issue, it's often a good idea, to add a short comment explaining the reason.

  3. Ping people after two weeks of inactivity

    We try to keep issue assignments and PRs fairly up-to-date. After two weeks, it can be good to send a friendly ping to the delaying party.

    You might close a PR with the I-inactive-closed label if the author is busy or wants to abandon it. If the reviewer is busy, the PR can be reassigned to someone else.

    Checkout: to monitor PRs.

While not part of their duties, contributors are encouraged to review PRs and help on Zulip. The team always appreciates help!


If you have been contributing to Clippy for some time, we'll probably ask you if you want to join this team. Members of this team are also welcome to suggest people who they think would make a great addition to this group.

For this group, there is no direct onboarding process. You're welcome to just continue what you've been doing. If you like, you can ask for someone to mentor you, either in the Clippy stream on Zulip or privately via a PM.

If you have been inactive in Clippy for over three months, we'll probably move you to the alumni group. You're always welcome to come back.

The Clippy Team

The Clippy team is responsible for maintaining Clippy.


  1. Respond to PRs in a timely manner

    It's totally fine, if you don't have the time for reviews right now. You can reassign the PR to a random member by commenting r? clippy.

  2. Take a break when you need one

    You are valuable! Clippy wouldn't be what it is without you. So take a break early and recharge some energy when you need to.

  3. Be responsive on Zulip

    This means in a reasonable time frame, so responding within one or two days is totally fine.

    It's also good, if you answer threads on Zulip and take part in our Clippy meetings, every two weeks. The meeting dates are tracked in the calendar repository.

  4. Sync Clippy with the rust-lang/rust repo

    This is done every two weeks, usually by @flip1995.

  5. Update the changelog

    This needs to be done for every release, every six weeks. This is usually done by @xFrednet.


If you have been active for some time, we'll probably reach out and ask if you want to help with reviews and eventually join the Clippy team.

During the onboarding process, you'll be assigned pull requests to review. You'll also have an active team member as a mentor who'll stay in contact via Zulip DMs to provide advice and feedback. If you have questions, you're always welcome to ask, that is the best way to learn. Once you're done with the review, you can ping your mentor for a full review and to r+ the PR in both of your names.

When your mentor is confident that you can handle reviews on your own, they'll start an informal vote among the active team members to officially add you to the team. This vote is usually accepted unanimously. Then you'll be added to the team once you've confirmed that you're still interested in joining. The onboarding phase typically takes a couple of weeks to a few months.

If you have been inactive in Clippy for over three months, we'll probably move you to the alumni group. You're always welcome to come back.