The Clippy Book

This document explains how to make additions and changes to the Clippy book, the guide to Clippy that you're reading right now. The Clippy book is formatted with Markdown and generated by mdBook.

Get mdBook

While not strictly necessary since the book source is simply Markdown text files, having mdBook locally will allow you to build, test and serve the book locally to view changes before you commit them to the repository. You likely already have cargo installed, so the easiest option is to:

cargo install mdbook

See the mdBook installation instructions for other options.

Make changes

The book's src directory contains all the markdown files used to generate the book. If you want to see your changes in real time, you can use the mdBook serve command to run a web server locally that will automatically update changes as they are made. From the top level of your rust-clippy directory:

mdbook serve book --open

Then navigate to http://localhost:3000 to see the generated book. While the server is running, changes you make will automatically be updated.

For more information, see the mdBook guide.