pub trait CrateStore: Debug {
    fn as_any(&self) -> &dyn Any;
    fn def_key(&self, def: DefId) -> DefKey;
    fn def_path(&self, def: DefId) -> DefPath;
    fn def_path_hash(&self, def: DefId) -> DefPathHash;
    fn crate_name(&self, cnum: CrateNum) -> Symbol;
    fn stable_crate_id(&self, cnum: CrateNum) -> StableCrateId;
    fn stable_crate_id_to_crate_num(
        stable_crate_id: StableCrateId
    ) -> CrateNum; fn def_path_hash_to_def_id(
        cnum: CrateNum,
        hash: DefPathHash
    ) -> DefId; fn expn_hash_to_expn_id(
        sess: &Session,
        cnum: CrateNum,
        index_guess: u32,
        hash: ExpnHash
    ) -> ExpnId; fn import_source_files(&self, sess: &Session, cnum: CrateNum); }
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A store of Rust crates, through which their metadata can be accessed.

Note that this trait should probably not be expanding today. All new functionality should be driven through queries instead!

If you find a method on this trait named {name}_untracked it signifies that it’s not tracked for dependency information throughout compilation (it’d break incremental compilation) and should only be called pre-HIR (e.g. during resolve)

Required Methods

Fetch a DefId from a DefPathHash for a foreign crate.

Imports all SourceFiles from the given crate into the current session. This normally happens automatically when we decode a Span from that crate’s metadata - however, the incr comp cache needs to trigger this manually when decoding a foreign Span