Module rustc_mir_transform::coverage::graph

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  • A node in the control-flow graph of CoverageGraph.
  • BasicCoverageBlockData holds the data indexed by a BasicCoverageBlock.
  • A coverage-specific simplification of the MIR control flow graph (CFG). The CoverageGraphs nodes are BasicCoverageBlocks, which encompass one or more MIR BasicBlocks.
  • Maintains separate worklists for each loop in the BasicCoverageBlock CFG, plus one for the CoverageGraph outside all loops. This supports traversing the BCB CFG in a way that ensures a loop is completely traversed before processing Blocks after the end of the loop.


  • Holds the coverage-relevant successors of a basic block’s terminator, and indicates whether that block can potentially be combined into the same BCB as its sole successor.



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