pub trait FnAbiOfHelpers<'tcx>: LayoutOfHelpers<'tcx> {
    type FnAbiOfResult: MaybeResult<&'tcx FnAbi<'tcx, Ty<'tcx>>>;

    fn handle_fn_abi_err(
        err: FnAbiError<'tcx>,
        span: Span,
        fn_abi_request: FnAbiRequest<'tcx>
    ) -> <Self::FnAbiOfResult as MaybeResult<&'tcx FnAbi<'tcx, Ty<'tcx>>>>::Error; }
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Trait for contexts that want to be able to compute FnAbis. This automatically gives access to FnAbiOf, through a blanket impl.

Required Associated Types

The &FnAbi-wrapping type (or &FnAbi itself), which will be returned from fn_abi_of_* (see also handle_fn_abi_err).

Required Methods

Helper used for fn_abi_of_*, to adapt tcx.fn_abi_of_*(...) into a Self::FnAbiOfResult (which does not need to be a Result<...>).

Most impls, which propagate FnAbiErrors, should simply return err, but this hook allows e.g. codegen to return only &FnAbi from its cx.fn_abi_of_*(...), without any Result<...> around it to deal with (and any FnAbiErrors are turned into fatal errors or ICEs).