Function rustc_expand::mbe::macro_check::check_occurrences

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fn check_occurrences(
    psess: &ParseSess,
    node_id: NodeId,
    rhs: &TokenTree,
    macros: &Stack<'_, MacroState<'_>>,
    binders: &FxHashMap<MacroRulesNormalizedIdent, BinderInfo>,
    ops: &Stack<'_, KleeneToken>,
    guar: &mut Option<ErrorGuaranteed>,
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Checks rhs as part of the RHS of a macro definition and sets valid to false in case of errors.


  • psess is used to emit diagnostics and lints
  • node_id is used to emit lints
  • rhs is checked as part of a RHS
  • macros is the stack of possible outer macros
  • binders contains the binders of the associated LHS
  • ops is the stack of Kleene operators from the RHS
  • guar is set in case of errors