Trait rustc_codegen_ssa::traits::intrinsic::IntrinsicCallMethods[][src]

pub trait IntrinsicCallMethods<'tcx>: BackendTypes {
    fn codegen_intrinsic_call(
        &mut self,
        instance: Instance<'tcx>,
        fn_abi: &FnAbi<'tcx, Ty<'tcx>>,
        args: &[OperandRef<'tcx, Self::Value>],
        llresult: Self::Value,
        span: Span
fn abort(&mut self);
fn assume(&mut self, val: Self::Value);
fn expect(&mut self, cond: Self::Value, expected: bool) -> Self::Value;
fn type_test(
        &mut self,
        pointer: Self::Value,
        typeid: Self::Value
    ) -> Self::Value;
fn va_start(&mut self, val: Self::Value) -> Self::Value;
fn va_end(&mut self, val: Self::Value) -> Self::Value; }

Required methods

Remember to add all intrinsics here, in compiler/rustc_typeck/src/check/, and in library/core/src/; if you need access to any LLVM intrinsics, add them to compiler/rustc_codegen_llvm/src/

Trait method used to test whether a given pointer is associated with a type identifier.

Trait method used to inject va_start on the “spoofed” VaListImpl in Rust defined C-variadic functions.

Trait method used to inject va_end on the “spoofed” VaListImpl before Rust defined C-variadic functions return.