Module rustc_codegen_llvm::debuginfo::metadata::enums::native

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  • Build the debuginfo node for a coroutine environment. It looks the same as the debuginfo for an enum. See build_enum_type_di_node for more information.
  • Builds the DW_TAG_member describing where we can find the tag of an enum. Returns None if the enum does not have a tag.
  • Build the debuginfo node for an enum type. The listing below shows how such a type looks like at the LLVM IR/DWARF level. It is a DW_TAG_structure_type with a single DW_TAG_variant_part that in turn contains a DW_TAG_variant for each variant of the enum. The variant-part also contains a single member describing the discriminant, and a nested struct type for each of the variants.
  • Build the debuginfo node for DW_TAG_variant:
  • Builds the DW_TAG_variant_part of an enum or coroutine debuginfo node: