Function miri::diagnostics::report_msg

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pub fn report_msg<'tcx>(
    diag_level: DiagLevel,
    title: String,
    span_msg: Vec<String>,
    notes: Vec<(Option<SpanData>, String)>,
    helps: Vec<(Option<SpanData>, String)>,
    stacktrace: &[FrameInfo<'tcx>],
    thread: Option<ThreadId>,
    machine: &MiriMachine<'tcx>,
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Report an error or note (depending on the error argument) with the given stacktrace. Also emits a full stacktrace of the interpreter stack. We want to present a multi-line span message for some errors. Diagnostics do not support this directly, so we pass the lines as a Vec<String> and display each line after the first with an additional span_label or note call.