Module miri::borrow_tracker::tree_borrows

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  • perms πŸ”’
  • tree πŸ”’
    In this file we handle the β€œTree” part of Tree Borrows, i.e. all tree traversal functions, optimizations to trim branches, and keeping track of the relative position of the access to each node being updated. This of course also includes the definition of the tree structure.
  • unimap πŸ”’
    This module implements the UniMap, which is a way to get efficient mappings optimized for the setting of tree_borrows/




  • Takes a place for a Unique and turns it into a place with the inner raw pointer. I.e. input is what you get from the visitor upon encountering an adt that is Unique, and output can be used by retag_ptr_inplace.

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