Function clippy_utils::source::snippet_with_context

source ยท
pub fn snippet_with_context<'a>(
    cx: &impl LintContext,
    span: Span,
    outer: SyntaxContext,
    default: &'a str,
    applicability: &mut Applicability,
) -> (Cow<'a, str>, bool)
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Same as snippet_with_applicability, but first walks the span up to the given context. This will result in the macro call, rather than the expansion, if the span is from a child context. If the span is not from a child context, it will be used directly instead.

e.g. Given the expression &vec![], getting a snippet from the span for vec![] as a HIR node would result in box []. If given the context of the address of expression, this function will correctly get a snippet of vec![].

This will also return whether or not the snippet is a macro call.