Macro core::include_bytes

1.0.0 · source ·
macro_rules! include_bytes {
    ($file:expr $(,)?) => { ... };
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Includes a file as a reference to a byte array.

The file is located relative to the current file (similarly to how modules are found). The provided path is interpreted in a platform-specific way at compile time. So, for instance, an invocation with a Windows path containing backslashes \ would not compile correctly on Unix.

This macro will yield an expression of type &'static [u8; N] which is the contents of the file.


Assume there are two files in the same directory with the following contents:

File ‘’:


File ‘’:

fn main() {
    let bytes = include_bytes!("");
    assert_eq!(bytes, b"adi\xc3\xb3s\n");
    print!("{}", String::from_utf8_lossy(bytes));

Compiling ‘’ and running the resulting binary will print “adiós”.