Function std::intrinsics::simd::simd_masked_load

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pub unsafe extern "rust-intrinsic" fn simd_masked_load<V, U, T>(
    mask: V,
    ptr: U,
    val: T,
) -> T
🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (core_intrinsics)
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Read a vector of pointers.

T must be a vector.

U must be a pointer to the element type of T

V must be a vector of integers with the same length as T (but any element size).

For each element, if the corresponding value in mask is !0, read the corresponding pointer offset from ptr. The first element is loaded from ptr, the second from ptr.wrapping_offset(1) and so on. Otherwise if the corresponding value in mask is 0, return the corresponding value from val.


Unmasked values in T must be readable as if by <ptr>::read (e.g. aligned to the element type).

mask must only contain 0 or !0 values.