Function std::intrinsics::catch_unwind

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pub unsafe extern "rust-intrinsic" fn catch_unwind(
    try_fn: fn(_: *mut u8),
    data: *mut u8,
    catch_fn: fn(_: *mut u8, _: *mut u8),
) -> i32
🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (core_intrinsics)
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Rust’s “try catch” construct for unwinding. Invokes the function pointer try_fn with the data pointer data, and calls catch_fn if unwinding occurs while try_fn runs.

catch_fn must not unwind.

The third argument is a function called if an unwind occurs (both Rust unwinds and foreign unwinds). This function takes the data pointer and a pointer to the target-specific exception object that was caught. For more information, see the compiler’s source as well as std’s catch_unwind implementation.

The stable version of this intrinsic is std::panic::catch_unwind.