Enum proc_macro::TokenTree1.29.0[][src]

pub enum TokenTree {

A single token or a delimited sequence of token trees (e.g., [1, (), ..]).



A token stream surrounded by bracket delimiters.


An identifier.


A single punctuation character (+, ,, $, etc.).


A literal character ('a'), string ("hello"), number (2.3), etc.


impl TokenTree[src]

pub fn span(&self) -> Span[src]

Returns the span of this tree, delegating to the span method of the contained token or a delimited stream.

pub fn set_span(&mut self, span: Span)[src]

Configures the span for only this token.

Note that if this token is a Group then this method will not configure the span of each of the internal tokens, this will simply delegate to the set_span method of each variant.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for TokenTree[src]

impl Debug for TokenTree[src]

Prints token tree in a form convenient for debugging.

impl Display for TokenTree[src]

Prints the token tree as a string that is supposed to be losslessly convertible back into the same token tree (modulo spans), except for possibly TokenTree::Groups with Delimiter::None delimiters and negative numeric literals.

impl Extend<TokenTree> for TokenStream1.30.0[src]

impl From<Group> for TokenTree[src]

impl From<Ident> for TokenTree[src]

impl From<Literal> for TokenTree[src]

impl From<Punct> for TokenTree[src]

impl From<TokenTree> for TokenStream[src]

Creates a token stream containing a single token tree.

impl FromIterator<TokenTree> for TokenStream[src]

Collects a number of token trees into a single stream.

impl !Send for TokenTree[src]

impl !Sync for TokenTree[src]

impl ToString for TokenTree1.15.0[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for TokenTree

impl Unpin for TokenTree

impl UnwindSafe for TokenTree

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