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The improper_ctypes lint detects incorrect use of types in foreign modules.
The improper_ctypes_definitions lint detects incorrect use of extern function definitions.
The invalid_atomic_ordering lint detects passing an Ordering to an atomic operation that does not support that ordering.
The overflowing_literals lint detects literal out of range for its type.
The unused_comparisons lint detects comparisons made useless by limits of the types involved.
The variant_size_differences lint detects enums with widely varying variant sizes.


Given a non-null scalar (or transparent) type ty, return the nullable version of that type. If the type passed in was not scalar, returns None.
Attempts to special-case the overflowing literal lint when it occurs as a range endpoint (expr..MAX+1). Returns true iff the lint was emitted.
Check if this enum can be safely exported based on the “nullable pointer optimization”. If it can, return the type that ty can be safely converted to, otherwise return None. Currently restricted to function pointers, boxes, references, core::num::NonZero*, core::ptr::NonNull, and #[repr(transparent)] newtypes. FIXME: This duplicates code in codegen.
repr(transparent) structs can have a single non-ZST field, this function returns that field.
Is type known to be non-null?