Module rustc_errors::markdown::parse

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  • BreakRule 🔒
    Whether two types should or shouldn’t have a paragraph break between them
  • ParseOpt 🔒
    Flags to simple parser function
  • Prev 🔒
    Character class preceding this one



  • Parse a buffer
  • Perform tranformations to text. This splits paragraphs, replaces patterns, and corrects newlines.
  • Find first line that isn’t empty or doesn’t start with whitespace, that will be our contents
  • Types that indicate some form of break
  • Turn reflinks (links with reference IDs) into normal standalone links using listed link definitions
  • normalize 🔒
    Take a parsed stream and fix the little things
  • Verify a valid ordered list start (e.g. 1.) and parse it. Returns the parsed number and offset of character after the dot.
  • Parse links. can_be_def indicates that a link definition is possible (top level, located at the start of a line)
  • Parse a codeblock. Accounts for >3 backticks and language specification
  • Parse backtick-wrapped inline code. Accounts for >1 backtick sets
  • Numbered list
  • Parse a buffer with specified context
  • The simplest kind of patterns: data within start and end patterns
  • Resturn (match, residual) to end of line. The EOL is returned with the residual.
  • Bulleted list
  • Find and consume an end pattern, return (match, residual)
  • Blocks that automatically handle their own text wrapping
  • If there is more than one whitespace char at start, trim the extras
  • If there is more than one whitespace char at start or end, trim the extras

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