Module std::os::unix::net

1.10.0 · source ·
Available on Unix only.
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Unix-specific networking functionality.


pub use ucred::UCred;


MessagesExperimentalAndroid or Linux
This struct is used to iterate through the control messages.
ScmCredentialsExperimentalAndroid or Linux
This control message contains unix credentials.
ScmRightsExperimentalAndroid or Linux
This control message contains file descriptors.
SocketAncillaryExperimentalAndroid or Linux
A Unix socket Ancillary data struct.
SocketCredExperimentalAndroid or Linux
Unix credential.
An iterator over incoming connections to a UnixListener.
An address associated with a Unix socket.
A Unix datagram socket.
A structure representing a Unix domain socket server.
A Unix stream socket.


AncillaryDataExperimentalAndroid or Linux
This enum represent one control message of variable type.
AncillaryErrorExperimentalAndroid or Linux
The error type which is returned from parsing the type a control message.