Function rustdoc::html::render::write_shared::write_shared

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pub(super) fn write_shared(
    cx: &mut Context<'_>,
    krate: &Crate,
    search_index: SerializedSearchIndex,
    options: &RenderOptions,
) -> Result<(), Error>
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Rustdoc writes out two kinds of shared files:

  • Static files, which are embedded in the rustdoc binary and are written with a filename that includes a hash of their contents. These will always have a new URL if the contents change, so they are safe to cache with the Cache-Control: immutable directive. They are written under the static.files/ directory and are written when –emit-type is empty (default) or contains “toolchain-specific”. If using the –static-root-path flag, it should point to a URL path prefix where each of these filenames can be fetched.
  • Invocation specific files. These are generated based on the crate(s) being documented. Their filenames need to be predictable without knowing their contents, so they do not include a hash in their filename and are not safe to cache with Cache-Control: immutable. They include the contents of the –resource-suffix flag and are emitted when –emit-type is empty (default) or contains “invocation-specific”.