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Types for tracking pieces of source code within a crate.

The SourceMap tracks all the source code used within a single crate, mapping from integer byte positions to the original source code location. Each bit of source parsed during crate parsing (typically files, in-memory strings, or various bits of macro expansion) cover a continuous range of bytes in the SourceMap and are represented by SourceFiles. Byte positions are stored in Span and used pervasively in the compiler. They are absolute positions within the SourceMap, which upon request can be converted to line and column information, source code snippets, etc.


pub use crate::hygiene::ExpnData;
pub use crate::hygiene::ExpnKind;
pub use crate::*;



A FileLoader that uses std::fs to load real files.

This is a SourceFile identifier that is used to correlate source files between subsequent compilation sessions (which is something we need to do during incremental compilation).


An abstraction over the fs operations used by the Parser.


Returns the span itself if it doesn’t come from a macro expansion, otherwise return the call site span up to the enclosing_sp by following the expn_data chain.