pub trait MirPass<'tcx> {
    fn run_pass(&self, tcx: TyCtxt<'tcx>, body: &mut Body<'tcx>);

    fn name(&self) -> Cow<'_, str> { ... }
    fn is_enabled(&self, _sess: &Session) -> bool { ... }
    fn phase_change(&self) -> Option<MirPhase> { ... }
    fn is_mir_dump_enabled(&self) -> bool { ... }
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A streamlined trait that you can implement to create a pass; the pass will be named after the type, and it will consist of a main loop that goes over each available MIR and applies run_pass.

Required Methods

Provided Methods

Returns true if this pass is enabled with the current combination of compiler flags.

If this pass causes the MIR to enter a new phase, return that phase.