Static rustc_lint::types::INVALID_ATOMIC_ORDERING

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The invalid_atomic_ordering lint detects passing an Ordering to an atomic operation that does not support that ordering.


let atom = AtomicU8::new(0);
let value = atom.load(Ordering::Release);



Some atomic operations are only supported for a subset of the atomic::Ordering variants. Passing an unsupported variant will cause an unconditional panic at runtime, which is detected by this lint.

This lint will trigger in the following cases: (where AtomicType is an atomic type from core::sync::atomic, such as AtomicBool, AtomicPtr, AtomicUsize, or any of the other integer atomics).

  • Passing Ordering::Acquire or Ordering::AcqRel to AtomicType::store.

  • Passing Ordering::Release or Ordering::AcqRel to AtomicType::load.

  • Passing Ordering::Relaxed to core::sync::atomic::fence or core::sync::atomic::compiler_fence.

  • Passing Ordering::Release or Ordering::AcqRel as the failure ordering for any of AtomicType::compare_exchange, AtomicType::compare_exchange_weak, or AtomicType::fetch_update.