pub trait GraphWalk<'a> {
    type Node: Clone;
    type Edge: Clone;

    // Required methods
    fn nodes(&'a self) -> Nodes<'a, Self::Node>;
    fn edges(&'a self) -> Edges<'a, Self::Edge>;
    fn source(&'a self, edge: &Self::Edge) -> Self::Node;
    fn target(&'a self, edge: &Self::Edge) -> Self::Node;
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GraphWalk is an abstraction over a directed graph = (nodes,edges) made up of node handles N and edge handles E, where each E can be mapped to its source and target nodes.

The lifetime parameter 'a is exposed in this trait (rather than introduced as a generic parameter on each method declaration) so that a client impl can choose N and E that have substructure that is bound by the self lifetime 'a.

The nodes and edges method each return instantiations of Cow<[T]> to leave implementors the freedom to create entirely new vectors or to pass back slices into internally owned vectors.

Required Associated Types§

Required Methods§


fn nodes(&'a self) -> Nodes<'a, Self::Node>

Returns all the nodes in this graph.


fn edges(&'a self) -> Edges<'a, Self::Edge>

Returns all of the edges in this graph.


fn source(&'a self, edge: &Self::Edge) -> Self::Node

The source node for edge.


fn target(&'a self, edge: &Self::Edge) -> Self::Node

The target node for edge.