Function rustc_expand::mbe::quoted::parse_tree

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fn parse_tree<'a>(
    tree: &'a TokenTree,
    outer_trees: &mut impl Iterator<Item = &'a TokenTree>,
    parsing_patterns: bool,
    sess: &Session,
    node_id: NodeId,
    features: &Features,
    edition: Edition,
) -> TokenTree
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Takes a tokenstream::TokenTree and returns a self::TokenTree. Specifically, this takes a generic TokenTree, such as is used in the rest of the compiler, and returns a TokenTree for use in parsing a macro.

Converting the given tree may involve reading more tokens.


  • tree: the tree we wish to convert.
  • outer_trees: an iterator over trees. We may need to read more tokens from it in order to finish converting tree
  • parsing_patterns: same as parse.
  • sess: the parsing session. Any errors will be emitted to this session.
  • features: language features so we can do feature gating.