Function rustc_const_eval::interpret::intern::intern_shallow

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fn intern_shallow<'rt, 'tcx, T, M: CompileTimeMachine<'tcx, T>>(
    ecx: &'rt mut InterpCx<'tcx, M>,
    alloc_id: AllocId,
    mutability: Mutability,
) -> Result<impl Iterator<Item = CtfeProvenance> + 'tcx, ()>
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Intern an allocation. Returns Err if the allocation does not exist in the local memory.

mutability can be used to force immutable interning: if it is Mutability::Not, the allocation is interned immutably; if it is Mutability::Mut, then the allocation must be already mutable (as a sanity check).

Returns an iterator over all relocations referred to by this allocation.