pub trait MiscMethods<'tcx>: BackendTypes {
    fn vtables(
    ) -> &RefCell<FxHashMap<(Ty<'tcx>, Option<PolyExistentialTraitRef<'tcx>>), Self::Value>>; fn check_overflow(&self) -> bool; fn get_fn(&self, instance: Instance<'tcx>) -> Self::Function; fn get_fn_addr(&self, instance: Instance<'tcx>) -> Self::Value; fn eh_personality(&self) -> Self::Value; fn sess(&self) -> &Session; fn codegen_unit(&self) -> &'tcx CodegenUnit<'tcx>; fn set_frame_pointer_type(&self, llfn: Self::Function); fn apply_target_cpu_attr(&self, llfn: Self::Function); fn declare_c_main(&self, fn_type: Self::Type) -> Option<Self::Function>; }

Required Methods§

Declares the extern “C” main function for the entry point. Returns None if the symbol already exists.