Continuous Integration

It is recommended to run Clippy on CI with -Dwarnings, so that Clippy lints prevent CI from passing. To enforce errors on warnings on all cargo commands not just cargo clippy, you can set the env var RUSTFLAGS="-Dwarnings".

We recommend to use Clippy from the same toolchain, that you use for compiling your crate for maximum compatibility. E.g. if your crate is compiled with the stable toolchain, you should also use stable Clippy.

Note: New Clippy lints are first added to the nightly toolchain. If you want to help with improving Clippy and have CI resources left, please consider adding a nightly Clippy check to your CI and report problems like false positives back to us. With that we can fix bugs early, before they can get to stable.

This chapter will give an overview on how to use Clippy on different popular CI providers.