Function core::arch::wasm::i16x8_shuffle

1.54.0 · source ·
pub fn i16x8_shuffle<const I0: usize, const I1: usize, const I2: usize, const I3: usize, const I4: usize, const I5: usize, const I6: usize, const I7: usize>(
    a: v128,
    b: v128
) -> v128
Available on target_family="wasm" and target feature simd128 only.
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Same as i8x16_shuffle, except operates as if the inputs were eight 16-bit integers, only taking 8 indices to shuffle.

Indices in the range [0, 7] select from a while [8, 15] select from b. Note that this will generate the i8x16.shuffle instruction, since there is no native i16x8.shuffle instruction (there is no need for one since i8x16.shuffle suffices).